Extra, Extra! Wings of Fire on Netflix

Are you a Wings of Fire superfan? If so, star director Ava DuVernay adapting Tui Sutherland’s popular series for Netflix must be the biggest news of the year! Before the new animated series hits screens, re-visit the dragons of Pyrrhia in graphic novel form… and explore more draconian worlds with these books:

Click through each author’s name to find their books in our online catalogue. Or request a Book Bundle starring all things dragon!

Spring Into Reading with StoryWalk!

What is StoryWalk?

StoryWalk is a fun way for families with young children to read stories while enjoying time outdoors. Pages from picture books are laminated and attached to wooden stakes that are posted at regular intervals along an outdoor walking path or sidewalk. As families follow the path, they stop and read pages of the story.

Our spring StoryWalk features The Couch Potato by Jory John and Pete Oswald, a story all about what might happen when you venture outside… If you enjoy the Walk, request a copy for reading along at home, too!

book cover of The Couch Potato by Jory John and Pete Oswald

StoryWalks are supported by funds from the New York State Library’s Family Literacy Library Services Program and by Upper Hudson Upper Hudson Library System, and can be found at many libraries throughout Albany and Rensselaer counties. The StoryWalk Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition (VBPC) and the Kellogg Hubbard Library.

Collection Spotlight: Graphic Novels for Younger Readers

Comics-loving kids can get in on more graphic novel action with the newest titles from beloved creators like Jess Keating, James Sturm, and Ben Clanton! Click through the picture below to access these titles in our online catalogue, or look for the matching flyer in the Children’s Room. And don’t forget–you can make a special request for the librarians’ favorite graphic novels in your next Book Bundle!

Then & Now: Anne of Green Gables

Welcome to Then & Now, Charlie’s exploration of long-running series and classic characters that have major parent-child crossover appeal! Red-headed, bookish, dreamy, stubborn, smart: there’s something about Anne Shirley all of us can relate to–which is probably why L.M. Montgomery’s classic series just keeps getting new adaptations and explorations! Our Juvenile Fiction shelves house the original novels, while picture books, graphic novels, and a Netflix series keep audiences coming back for Anne’s shenanigans.

Kindred spirits who see themselves in Anne might also enjoy The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, The Great Cake Mystery, From the Desk of Zoe Washington, and Lumberjanes. Return to Avonlea this summer–browse our Anne books in house, or request one in your next Book Bundle!

Check It Out With Charlie: National Poetry Month

Did you know that April is a month-long celebration of poetry? What’s poetry all about anyway? From limericks to free verse and from laugh-along rhymes to picture-book haiku, Charlie’s here to take you on a tour of classic and contemporary poetry favorites for kids. Click through each book cover to find titles in our online catalogue!

A cat arrives at a shelter, arranges to go home with a good family, and settles in with them–all the while letting them know who is boss!

Explore the history of hip-hop, including how it evolved from folktales, spirituals, and poetry…

The playful as well as powerfully memorable poems of Beastly Verse transport readers into a richly worded world of tigers, hummingbirds, owls, yaks, and even telephones!

A collection of humorous poems by writers including Ellen Raskin, Karla Kuskin, Ogden Nash, and Arnold Lobel.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a line from a poem by different African American poets, describing an aspect of the Black experience.

A collection of humorous poems and drawings from master poet Shel Silverstein.

Kids’ Corner: The Parenting Collection

Welcome back to Kids’ Corner, Charlie’s inside look at the parts of the East Greenbush library and website just for kids and their grown-ups! Did you know that the Children’s Room has a bookshelf reserved for adult-sized books on topics about kids? The Parenting collection can be found by our front windows and is full of all things child-centric, from pregnancy and birth to childrearing methods, kid-friendly recipes, and everyone’s favorite: potty-training! Check out a few of the latest titles:

Parenting collection books are grouped by general topic, so browse through and check for spine labels like ‘HEALTH’ (such as food and diet or special needs) and ‘FAMILIES’ (divorce, sibling dynamics, and more). These books, about relevant issues for both new and experienced parents, pair well with the Parenting shelves’ selection of picture books. Need to have a complicated conversation with young ones? Find a short book with plenty of pictures to guide the way:

The rest of our picture books on life, the universe, and everything can be found in our Picture Book Garden–try looking in the ‘GROW’ collection for kid-friendly stories about school, new babies, and all the rest of the childhood experiences:

Come into the Children’s room to find your perfect picture book-parenting pairing, or make a special request with a Book Bundle!

Collection Spotlight: Irish History & Irish-American Heritage

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Interested in stories of Irish-Americans or folktales of the old country? Explore fiction, history, and mythology with these selections for elementary readers:

Click through the book covers above to find each title in our online collections! You can also request all the books your Irish heart desires by putting in a special note to our librarians in your next Book Bundle.

Check It Out With Charlie: Graphic Novels

From graphic adaptations of classics like Hope Larsen’s A Wrinkle In Time and Brenna Thummler’s Anne of Green Gables to favorite licensed properties like Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Percy Jackson series to new favorites like Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover… graphic novels grow in accessibility, popularity, and overall readability every year! The bestseller and most-checked-out lists for elementary readers are consistently top-heavy with beloved Raina Telgemeier and Tui Sutherland titles. And comic books and graphic novels, as research shows, can be a boon for new readers, readers learning a different language, and readers building vocabulary skills.  

Audiobooks, e-books, books with pictures: all books are real books! Grab a comic book collection today, explore graphic narratives on Hoopla, or ask a librarian to add their favorite new graphic novel to your next Book Bundle. 

Collection Spotlight: Women’s History Month

Every year, we celebrate Women’s History Month in March! Got a favorite heroine of history or a female figure who’s making waves right now? Explore figures from Ida B. Wells and Ada Lovelace to Dolly Parton and Greta Thunberg with these collection selections. Click each image to find these titles in our online catalogues:

Picture books for young readers.

Biographies and nonfiction for elementary readers.

New Books Spotlight: Rock Out!

If you’ve ever been distracted by a shiny pebble on the sidewalk, or wondered why we don’t often feel earthquakes in upstate New York, these new nonfiction books are for you!

To learn all about crystal collecting and travel through Earth’s geologic history, add a couple of books that really rock to your next Book Bundle.

Life Through Time explores geological time and the origins of species that still exist today in early fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Under Your Feet introduces soil and its role in the ecosystem, plus some creatures that live underground, from giant fungi to moles and microbes, and the soils of the Moon and Mars.

Landslides and Mudslides Reshape Earth! is all about the power of soil to affect our surroundings. In seconds, these roaring rivers of earth and rocks can uproot trees, flip cars, and destroy whole neighborhoods.

I’m Trying To Love Rocks takes readers on a journey from the Grand Canyon to volcanos to diamonds and fossils found deep in the earth.

Ultimate Rockopedia provides a fun exploration of all the different rocks on our planet and in the universe–a must for serious collectors!