Collection Spotlight: What Does It Mean To Be A Citizen?

Monday, January 18 celebrates the life and legacy of a great American and an African-American icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! During his life, Dr. King worked tirelessly to advance the cause of civil rights and make full participation in American citizenship possible for everyone. Learn more about Dr. King’s legacy with these books, and click through the image below to explore further online:

What do you know about voting, running for president, and the rest of what makes American democracy tick? Check out Charlie’s picks for your Inauguration Day reading! Click through the image to explore these topics in our online catalogue, and find more books and DVDs here.

Check It Out With Charlie: Feeling Anxious?

It’s been a year of tough conversations and difficult circumstances for everyone! Try practicing some of the conversation starters and affirmative words below:

Then check out Charlie’s recommended reads for supporting parents and kids learning to cope with worries–click through here for the full list and links to our online catalogue! For more resources, explore the Parenting shelves in our children’s room, or browse this collection online.

New Books Spotlight: Nature Science for Kids

Hot off the East Greenbush shelves, it’s Check It Out With Charlie! Even though it’s winter outside, nature is doing a lot of hard work. Can you see the natural world growing and changing around you?

Take an excursion to make maple syrup or watch for native New York animals in your backyard—and grab a few new books in a Bundle to brush up on your science facts!

Bear Goes Sugaring: Take to the trees and learn the timeless art of making maple syrup, with the help of Bear and her pals.  

Climate Emergency AtlasExplore timelines of polar ice caps, renewable energy sources, and dozens of dynamic maps in this deep-dive into climate change. 

Rewilding: Giving Nature a Second Chance: Rewilding, or placing native plants and animals back in their original habitats, can happen anywhere—from New York to Namibia! 

Who Will It Be?: How Evolution Connects Us All: The common question “Where did I come from?” takes readers on a wild ride through natural history. 

Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea: How can Iqbal help his family and win the science fair at the same time? Solar energy might be the answer… 

Kids’ Corner: The 4 Bs

Come join us in Kids’ Corner, Charlie’s guided tour of the East Greenbush Library website! Did you know there are services, resources, and fun things on our website just for kids and their grown-ups? Today Charlie’s taking you inside The 4 Bs: Book Bundles and Boredom Busters!

Have you enjoyed a Book Bundle yet? If not, turn over some new leaves in the new year! Our handy-dandy online form makes it simple to request books at your reading level that explore your interests. Charlie’s librarian army can put together a custom bundle just for you that’ll be ready for pick-up at our drive-thru window. Send us your age and your favorite things to read, and wait for an email or phone call to come grab your Bundle! If you get a letter from Charlie with your books, don’t forget to send one back…

Readers of the East Greenbush Bookmark (are you signed up for email newsletters?) might remember Boredom Busters… and now they’re available online for easy access! Each Buster provides ebooks, movies, and music on a theme–like Rainbows or Dragons–with links to our online library catalogue in OverDrive and Hoopla. Settle in for an afternoon at home with plenty of reading, and craft activities too!

There are endless ways to enjoy the library… keep up on new spotlights from Check It Out With Charlie, and maximize your East Greenbush experience!

Then & Now: Animorphs

Welcome to “Then & Now,” Charlie’s exploration of long-running series and classic characters that have major parent-child crossover appeal! If you’re a 30-something parent, chances are you remember those funny paperbacks at the Scholastic book fair that featured kids turning into animals. Did you know that the author of Animorphs, K.A. Applegate, is also Katherine Applegate, author of critically-adored books such as The One and Only Ivan and Wishtree?  

You might’ve noticed the newer lenticular-cover Animorphs books on our Series Spinner racks… and now, the first of its graphic novel adaptations has arrived!

Five kids, one alien, and the survival of Earth at stake: Animorphs packed a hefty punch for books clocking in at around 100 pages. In between alien takeovers and wild animal wrangling, Applegate and her co-author, Michael Grant of the Gone series, found time to explore friendship dynamics, environmentalism, and thorny ethical dilemmas. If your household loves expansive science fiction stories like The Relic War and Bounders, or action-packed thrill rides like The Last Kids on Earth and Edge of ExtinctionAnimorphs might be just right for you. Dive into The Invasion, and keep reading with the source series while you wait for the rest of the graphic novels–or explore your favorite battle morphs in our nonfiction section!

Check It Out With Charlie: Winter Around the World

It might be the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, but one thing all winter celebrations have in common is light! Candles in menorahs and bulbs on Christmas trees are just a few ways different cultures bring light into winter. Request some holiday books in a Book Bundle and shine a light with Charlie on cold-weather traditions! 

K is for Kwanzaa: Explore the holiday of Kwanzaa through new vocabulary words. Find out what goes in a kinara and how to wear a dashiki with this vividly illustrated book. 

Eight Wild Nights: The bigger, the better! More family means more food and fun at Hanukkah time. 

The Shortest Day: In a celebration of the winter solstice, this illustrated poem welcomes the sun back after the shortest day of the year. 

Christmas Lights: As Christmas approaches, children dream of family, food, and shared celebrations. 

Check It Out With Charlie: Hour of Code

Calling all coders! Hour of Code is here, and Charlie’s looking forward to coding a few dance parties and undersea expeditions. Explore all the ways computer code builds, shapes, and creates our lives with these books.

Request a few in your next Book Bundle or drop into the Children’s Room to see what else is on the shelves! 

Girls Who Code: Team BFF – Race to the Finish!Can Sophia and the Coding Club keep pace with other coders during an all-day hackathon? 

Secret Coders: Stately Academy is full of puzzles, riddles, codes, and clues—can you solve the school’s mysteries? 

Understand Coding… LEGO & Minecraft: LEGO robots and Minecraft sandboxes are the perfect starting point for kids interested in coding.  

The Everything Kids’ Scratch Coding Book: Scratch isn’t just for kids… but it’s the only coding language developed specifically for kids! Jump into game creation and other cool coding projects.  

Coding Projects In Python: Quizzes, robots, and virtual pets are at your fingertips with this introductory guide to coding in Python.  

Check It Out With Charlie: Make Your Own Fun!

So it’s cold outside and there’s a pandemic… Good thing Charlie and company are here to liven up your days inside! Dynamic DVDs, singalongs and readalongs, and explorations into art and technology can be found at the library and brought home to learn and play. Use our Book Bundles to request exercise DVDs, kid-friendly coding books, and more options for turning your bedroom into a discovery zone. 

Yoga Friends: Teamwork makes the dream work! Use your imagination and move your body in yoga poses with a sibling or parent. 

Children Make Terrible Pets: A young bear finds a boy in the woods and brings him home—but home training is harder than she thought. Read along with this picture book’s CD narration to your own pets! 

LEGO Brickumentary: Bust out your bricks and build along with fellow LEGO fans. 

Disney Favorites: All the greatest Disney hits, presented karaoke-style! 

Popular Mechanics for Kids: Radical Rockets and Other Cool Cruising Machines: Blast off into space or go deep-sea diving with monster machines. 

The Crayola Patterns Book: Plaid, stripes, checkerboard… and polka dots, Charlie’s favorite! This book encourages artistic flights of fancy with patterns and colors. 

Check It Out With Charlie: Play A What?

Look for the bright orange box: Check It Out With Charlie recommends tablets, movies-on-the-go, and audiobooks from Playaway! No car stereo or DVD player required—a Playaway audiobook just needs headphones and a triple-A battery, while Playaway Views come with a charger so movies are always ready to watch. Launchpads are pre-loaded with learning games to supplement home school or homework, with each tablet arranged by age group.

Add one of these techie items to your next Book Bundles by requesting a Launchpad or View specifically—or come on in and take look at what’s on the shelf! 

Curious to the Bone!

Curious to the Bone: Readers aged 3-5 can explore all things animal with this Launchpad, including a game about a certain Very Hungry Caterpillar… 

Magic School Bus, Vol. 1 (Playaway View) - Perma-Bound Books

Magic School Bus, Vol. 1: Outer space or inside the human body—Ms. Frizzle and the gang always find themselves in close encounters! 

Upside-Down Magic #2 Sticks & Stones (Unabridged) (Playaway) - Perma-Bound  Books

Upside Down Magic: Cooking meets magic in this popular middle-grade book; listen along as Nory, a shapeshifter, starts public school for the first time.